5 Critical Mistakes Parents of children with communication difficulties make


This presentation is aimed at parents of children who have a communication difficulty as well as those who support them.


There are some common things which every parent goes through when they suspect, or are informed that their child has a communication difficulty.

This short talk does not seek to tell or suggest to avoid them, it does however outline what they are, so that you know that it isn’t just you, all parents have gone through some or all of these to a lesser or greater degree. Once you are aware, you are better able to deal with them and help your child.

SNAs / Teachers / Therapists:
Knowing and being aware of the concerns and issues a parent may have helps you to better help them.
Please take the 15 minutes to view this talk.

Remember: For you, it may be say, a Tuesday afternoon; for the parent you are speaking to, that day may go down in their family history as the time they were informed of a concern, or a diagnosis – or the day their child had a breakthrough in class!

(For anyone using the CATTS CPD points on this site to help them with their professions CPD hours, we have allocated this talk 1,000 CPD points – usual amount is 10-50.  Trying to understand the needs and concerns of the parents you work with is vital.)


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