What happens if my course is cancelled?

If your course has directed to this page, then it means that it was cancelled.
Please see your options below.

If your live course is cancelled (either an online webinar, or in person classroom), we will usually do one of two things, based on the circumstances.

If the course is postponed:
1. We will automatically move you to the nearest date.
2. If you cannot attend that date, we will provide another date.
3. We will issue you a full refund if you cannot make any of the upcoming dates.
(If you choose option 3, your space will be gone, and others are open to take it).

If the course is cancelled:
We will issue you a refund for the cost of the course.

We cannot issue refunds for any 3rd party expenses such as hotels or travel.

Why is my course cancelled:
We only cancel a course in TWO circumstances:

1. The course did not receive enough attendees enrolling.
Where this happens, we cancel the course an issue a full refund asap. We use a tracking method whereby we can roughly predict if a course will be successful after a certain time advertised. If we don’t meet the number needed by that date – which is usually quite a bit before the course date, then we would rather pull the plug, cancel the course, and issue refunds to people.

This is to avoid leaving it to a few days before the course and (hoping for the best). Often, people travel quite far to get to some of our courses, so we understand that it is not ‘just’ a course – it’s rearranging childcare, early starts and booking overnight stays.
We would rather people have certainty early, so you can plan.

2. There is an unforeseen emergency / or other issue.
By it’s nature, when this happens it’s not ideal.
If it is something that we are aware of a day or two beforehand, in these situations we will contact all attendees asap (usually by email in the first instance), with options as we can find them. After a day, we will then call out those who have not responded.

If it’s on the actual day of the course, we will text, phone attendees.

In all cases, it is really important that we have your correct email and mobile number. As such, if you are booking a course for your team members, we need the mobile number of the person who is physically going to attend the course – not the organiser.