Welcome to CATTS Online Courses

Welcome to CATTS Online Courses

Videō, Audiō, Cōgitō, Discō

“I see, I hear, I think, I learn”

We wanted to ensure a way that anyone who wanted the information, could access it, when they needed it. This single portal now gives you access to all the CATTS online training we have created, as well as allowing you book in-person classes and events (such as Lámh) when they are available. So, take a seat, and see what courses you would like to take by viewing our Full Catalogue, or browsing through the featured listing below. 

So Dive in and take the course of your choice 🙂

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We are always looking for feedback and suggestions for courses, or briefings which can directly help people support their loved ones, or children or adults in their care.

If you have an idea for a topic or course which you would love to see, let us know.