Restorative Practice

There are a lot of misconceptions about Restorative Practice (RP). They vary from the idea that it is ‘too soft’, to that it is incompatible with a school’s code of conduct, to simply that it is ‘too hard’ for a school to implement.

We spoke to Joe Power, RP Officer for Limerick, and Accredited RP Trainer to schools and organisations to address these questions head on.

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Individual Q&A Questions

After you have viewed the Q&As, you can progress to take the full Restorative Practice Course.


RP is THE FIRST course request we got from a teacher a few years ago.
It took us some time to find a good trainer who was able to articulate and enable viewers to understand RP. Joe has created an online course (which you can purchase on it’s own HERE, or as part of a school subscription HERE) that will bring you through all the stages of what RP is, and how to begin to implement it in your school.

It is intended as a ‘Zero to Hero’ approach and ideally will be shared and viewed with your school team. You can do this in school (all courses are in HD, so once you plug in your laptop or phone to the schools’ electronic whiteboard, you can all view it together), or if your school has a subscription, team members can view it when they wish.


The full course also outlines the first steps to get up and running. As about 50% of the schools in Ireland are smaller schools, we have also setup a method where school teams can link with each other (and Joe) to get advice and support to help them implement it in their school. This will get you in touch with the trainer directly.

Just a caveat – in larger schools there should be enough teachers to get a small group together to support and drive change in-house, but they are also welcome to use the Help Linkups to get individualised assistance from Joe directly!


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