Parent Support Groups

CATTS has delivered countless hours of training to parent groups over the years.

Some of the main recurring concerns and issues from group leadership has often been around:
Getting sufficient numbers to attend in person training.
Parents finding it more challenging to get babysitting for their children while attending courses.
Time and dates of in-person courses never suit everyone. Very often the people who need the help most, feel ‘trapped’ and unable to attend.
TMI and overwhelm from the content and tips delivered at training talks.
Breath of learning, and lack of being able to revisit specific areas of interest from talks
Unable to easily contact the course trainer after course completion, especially if they only use the tips months later when they are able to.
Cost per course delivered, which is especially important to voluntary organizations. (Lots of FREE offerings available, however very limited content and usually are sales pitches in disguise)

CATTS has created our online course catalogue of CATTS Courses to specifically address these issues, and more. Think of it like a ‘Netflix’ of Special Needs training talks and courses.

Once your parent group has signed up to a subscription, your Team members can take the courses anytime. Whoever is set as group leader on the system can then add and remove users as they need to. For parent groups, we would recommend that you only get user licenses for about 20% of your paid membership numbers at most. Not everyone is on the same stage of their journey. New parents to your parent group will be in ‘learning mode’ much more than a parent who has been a member for twenty years. This would also allow your parent group to request donations from your membership to access the system for periods of time, which will help pay your subscription cost, and would also allow you to generate some additional income for your group.

From a pricing point of view, once you have purchased a subscription, your team gets to access all the online courses, and any new ones added, without further charge. The price for under 10 users is competitive, however real economies of scale kick in from 10 users and more.

Most parent groups will not require the Full Access Packs – which give access to all courses, but will usually pick the specific group package of courses related to their area of interest, such as ASD, DS, SSD.

To review our Group Subscription Options, please click here, or the photo below.