Creches and Preschools

woman reading a book to the children

CATTS has delivered countless hours of in house training to schools over the years. This includes Preschools, Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Special Schools.

Some of the main recurring concerns and issues from preschool owners has often been around:
Staffing and rostering headaches to attend in person training
Carry forward of the skills from training course to the classroom setting
Loss of skills due to team member changes during the school years
Lack of visibility on which team members have completed which courses
Cost per head of continued CPD for the team

CATTS has created our online course catalogue of CATTS Courses to specifically address these issues, and more. Think of it like a ‘Netflix’ of Special Needs training talks and courses.

Once your preschool has signed up to a subscription, your Team members can take the courses anytime. Usually you, as the Coordinator, will either arrange short blocks of learning time on agreed days when the roster can handle it. It may not surprise you to know however that our system history shows that very often teachers and SNAs will take the courses of interest to them outside work hours, on their own devices.

The main aim is that the access to content that is needed by team members to help them better support those pupils who need it.

From our user data so far, we also have found no difference between experienced team members and newer team members using the systems. Older experienced staff often find it easier to brush up on some content learned long ago, while newer staff will learn it for the first time. Everyone, of course can revisit any courses or techniques as often as they wish. Each user has access to an electronic Notepad while viewing courses, so they can make notes of what new information could benefit which person in their care right now.

From a pricing point of view, once you have purchased a subscription, your school team gets to access all the online courses, and any new ones added, without further charge. The price for under 10 users is competitive, however real economies of scale kick in from 10 staff members and more.

If your school is one of the many small schools around Ireland with less than 100 pupils, subscriptions can be shared with groups of schools to allow you obtain the best return on investment. Once signed up, each group can have several ‘sub-groups’, representing each primary school in your area, to allow each one manage their own team’s access and learning plans.

To review our Group Subscription Options, please click here, or the photo below.