Copyright and Distribution

All courses on CATTS online training are the copyright of CATTS Ireland and their respective authors.

Sales of online courses on this site are for the registered individual’s use only, and not for sharing, or broadcast in any format.  This includes using any of the images, content or material from any courses in any physical presentation or online format. Should a sharing, copyright or redistribution violation be uncovered, CATTS reserves the right to terminate the offending account and seek damages.

Group Subscription Packs allow for Group Leaders to share access to the courses within their packs with others, either within or outside their organization. This also allows for group leaders to broadcast courses within a school or staff setting to allow for team learning.

Charities, parent groups or healthcare teams who are providing access to courses within their group subscriptions are not prohibited from charging a fee for access to cover costs or help fundraise. Any agreements as such are purely between the group leader and the group members.