Congratulations – you’re registered.

This page has important information about your Lámh course and Education Nation registration.

First: Lámh Module One.

That’s it. You are registered for your chosen Lámh date

We look forward to seeing you on the day.  Please check the email address you used to book your course for an email with all the details. 

(It may have been sent into your SPAM or Junk mail folder, so please check there also).

We will send an email about a week before the course with details on how to find the venue, and anything else you will need to know for the day.



Second: Your Education Nation Subscription.

This is a whole school based subscription for Education Nation for one year. Please access the Education Nation Signup page here: and take the following steps:

  1. Submit a school registration on the page, and complete all the fields. Please make sure you enter the same email address that you used in the ‘Email to confirm Education Nation Account’ section you just completed. (This allows us to realize that it is already paid for when we activate the account).
  2. Please check the email you will have received in your inbox with the Lámh information – please check your SPAM folder for it in case it was sent in there by your email system – where you will find a COUPON CODE to apply. Please click the ‘Have a Coupon?’ link after you have filled in the form and put that in the Coupon code from the email.
  3. Lastly, or Billing/ Payment, please select ‘Invoice Payment’ as the method. (This simply tells the system that you are paying / or have paid, in your case, and will setup your account. It will then send us an email where an old-fashioned human will need to verify that it is correct by checking for your payment and email address on this website. We will then activate your account. (Usually same day in you registered during business hours – if not, usually next day).

In the event that you need assistance activating your Education Nation account, please email Joe directly at hello @