Niamh Egan



Vocabulary Enrichment from Junior Infants to Leaving Cert
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Supporting children with language impairments towards developing age-appropriate vocabulary

Written and presented by Niamh Egan, Senior Speech & Language Therapist. Vocabulary is exceptionally important in helping individuals access new learning, and new opportunities – both inside the school system and as a predictor of future success.

For the Speech and Language impaired child, this is often an area where they can fall behind easily.

In this course, you will learn:

Understanding and Core Concepts of the importance of vocabulary
Describe the main divisions and types of vocabulary
To describe how words work or the main features of words
Identify the vocabulary associated with the ages and stages in language development.

Early years & Primary School

How to align vocabulary instruction to the curriculum

Beyond Primary School

How to approach vocabulary instruction for secondary students, who are bombarded with new words each day, and are expected to be self directed in finding their meanings and definitions.

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