Joe Morris


Joe is the CATTS Practice Manager. (You can contact him to report any broken links, suggestions or requests to him by email.) He speaks on topics of interest to business owners and managers, as well as delivering unique takes on time trusted business approaches to encourage valuable food for thought leaders.


Taking the stress out of Working From Home
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Avoid Pitfalls, Tips, and Good Practices

Quick, easy and effective strategies for making changes to your day to day work from home life that will reduce anxiety and stress plus give you back more time.
This course will help you start ‘working from home’ and stop ‘living at work’.


Whatโ€™s changing.

The TWO types of Work From Hom-er. (Desire or Need)

Pitfalls to working from home.

Tips & Good practices: How to get the best out of Working From Home

Weekly Implementation challenge*

*Without execution, nothing will get done. Focusing on the recommended steps you can take in a structured manner increases your chances of success, vs. viewing a course and then not putting anything into practice.
(You can access the course FB group to ask any specific questions about your own circumstances).

How to Manage People Smarter Than You Are
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A course for ALL people managers, to get you THINKING, and DOING

“Always hire people smarter than you”, or “If you are the boss, and you are the smartest person in the room – you are doing it wrong!”.

This age-old advice still stands, but what happens when you have a core team of experts who now run your key business areas?

How can you ensure you get the most out of them, while still ensuring they have the freedom to generate the genius you paid them to bring in the first place?

Let me be honest with you. I HATE managementy – businesssy courses.

They are full of nonsense for the most part, a few good insights wrapped up in a large salad of words. Some of the best books on topics, (Dale Carneige’s ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ for example), are concise, to the point and get the job done.

However, they still read like an extended briefing.

The courses on business I love are those which wear their learning with a heavy robe of humor, levity, and ease of viewing.

Without sounding egotistical, there is a lot of insights and value in this course, but I try not to load it on too thickly.

Some, in fact, the most serious, important, vital lessons sound corny and time worn – mainly because they are the most important, vital lessons.

Ones which I had been told multiple times from college, university, first jobs, professional jobs, managerial jobs, working for myself, etc. Interestingly enough, these are still the core lessons preached since the time of Adam Smith – but seldom heeded by many. Often only realized by someone when it is too late. But I digress.
In person managers who attended briefings were shocked to learn that you can treat your team as individual humans, not a necessary something that increases the burden rate!
Who knew?

This course is called ‘How To Manage People Smarter Than You Are’. One which, I think, I am fully qualified to write, in that I have had the pleasure and privilege to have always worked with people who have mountains of talent to give to the world. I have learned lots from working with these colleagues over the years, and been often humbled by the ease with which they can accomplish tasks with their talents that are beyond me.

I have also learned by experience, and design, how to best ensure that they get the most out of their talents and help bring it to the world.

If you are the lucky person to be leading a team of talented people, you need to view this, take what you want from it, and help them achieve greatness.

If you don’t think you have a team of Talented people, you definitely need to watch this.

If YOU are on a team, you really should get this course for your manager as a present!

If you are following me in my ‘Lab’ site, you can return to the Lab, just by clicking here:ย joemorrislab.com

Getting to Grips with Social Media
Expires After: Does not Expire

The essentials you need to know to succeed at Social Media for your business, organisation or personal brand.

There are a lot of hits and myths with social media.

How much of your limited time should you spend on it?
Is is relevant for your business – essential for your business, or minimal impact?

This video course covers:

  • The realities of social media
  • Where it fits in a good marketing plan
  • 3 Key Things you need first โ€“ and finding them
  • Good practice guidelines
  • Protecting your content
  • Guerrilla Posting!
  • How To of How to Pages for main Social Media platforms.

Reality check – Being successful at social media to create, maintain and turn the efforts into actions for your business, organisation or brand is not easy. It requires work, and consistent execution.

This course starts off with the basics, and talks you through how to setup your approach to allow you consistently get, and stay in touch with your ideal client on social media.

This course has tons of valuable insights that you may not have thought of – such as that when you publish anything with your face on it to the internet, there is nothing stopping people taking screenshots out of context and repurposing them. ๐Ÿ™‚

Even if you feel comfortable with social media as a user, and maybe even occasional content creator, you will benefit from this course.

Conflict Resolution & Dealing with ‘Difficult People’ :)
Expires After: Does not Expire

Conflict is inevitable at some stage whenever two or more people live, work, or spend time together.

The main difference between this having a negative impact is on how people approach issues, disagreements, and differences of opinion.

You can’t ‘control’ the other person, but you can control how you respond, and this, in turn can help prevent, or manage a situation that could spiral out of hand.

This briefing covers:
What is ‘Difficult Person’?
What is conflict?
The conflict styles.
How to make conflict productive.
How to choose an approach.
Tips and Traps to avoid.

This course refers to material which is covered in:
Behaviour 101
Minfdulness 101
Understanding & Addressing Challenging Behaviour

You do not need to have completed these courses to get benefit from this course, however you can explore the topics mentioned in more detail in these should you wish.

Mindfulness 101
Expires After: 1 month

View Part One below now…

Grab a coffee… and press ‘Play’! ๐Ÿ™‚
[Press CC for Captions]

Presented in a light-hearted, direct style, the purpose of this course is to share the information on mindfulness, and then for you to decide for yourself how you want to use it in your life.

It will give you an understanding of what mindfulness is, and how you use it.
So you can use mindfulness yourself.
So you can teach others.

What is mindfulness?
Evidence base
Core features of mindfulness
Thoughts vs facts
Controlling your auto-pilot.
Unhelpful thinking styles.
Guided meditations

This short course is FREE.

In order to access this talk, click on the lesson in the Course Content section below.

Time Management Tips
Expires After: Does not Expire

This short video course is designed to get you thinking about solving the root cause of why people find they have too little time.

It has some tips, trick and highlights common pitfalls.

If you find you need more hours in the day- this course is for you.