Neurodiversity and Advocacy
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If you want to better help neurodiverse people in our community, you will get the most out of this talk.

Presented by CATTS Online Speech and Language Therapist, Jennifer Grundulis talks to parents and educators about Neurodiversity and Advocacy.

Recorded live, November 2023.

Contents of this talk:

What is Neurodiversity

Neuro-Affirming Language

Advocacy In Different Settings

Empowering Resilience


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Restorative Practice – Your questions answered
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Joe Power, RP officer for Limerick, Ireland, answers some questions around Restorative Practice.

To learn more, you can take Joe’s full online course here: Restorative Practice

Join his Q&A discussion forum (public to view Q&As, but you need to register for free to post): RP FORUM

Or, contact him directly if you have a question about, or want his help in starting, or restarting your organisation’s RP journey: Restorative Practice Help

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Understanding & Addressing Challenging Behaviour
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Written and presented by Lisa Domican of GraceApp and Autism 101, this short course teaches you how to objectively assess challenging behaviour using the A-B-C method.

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