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Taking care of Your Mental Health with Jacci Jones
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Jacci Jones (www.jaccijones.co.uk) was in discussion with Joe from CATTS Ireland

This discussion was recorded near the start of the Covid-19 pandemic as a response to requests for a once off live webinair that would help people better understand any anxieties or otherwise that they were experiencing. Although it was never intended to be part of the Online system (as at that time it was expected some type of return to ‘normal’ by the end of Summer 2020) – we’re posting it for everyone due to the number of requests we are getting for something similar again. Looking after your mental wellbeing is not a once off ‘Tick the Box’ course. You need to keep at it, reminding yourself to keep the focus on the fact that you can colour your own worldview and response to what happens. Jacci is helping to address this by hosting a regular podcast which you can listen to at www.livinglifebeinghuman.co.uk. She also has other resources to help as well as an online support group for anyone who needs it at her website: www.jaccijones.co.uk .
Jacci Jones

Childhood Anxiety
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Childhood Anxiety is a subject that not many parents or teachers may be aware of. This short 40 minute course covers the key things to be aware of.

Ages and Stages is covered in more detail on Jacci’s Behaviour 101 course.